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    What Can I Expect From My First Visit?


At CSM Physio we understand that you might be apprehensive about your first visit to our clinic and are wondering what to expect.  We want you to feel prepared and relaxed when you come to see us so we thought we would briefly outline what your initial consultation will involve. 

Expect to be asked a few questions

Upon arrival all new patients are asked to fill out a registration form.  We will take your details, including GP details and medical insurance information.  We will also ask for your consent to be treated at CSM Physio.  Please arrive a little early for your first appointment to allow time to fill in this form. 

Expect you may have to undress

At CSM Physio your first session will begin with a chat with your therapist, so they can get a clear understanding of your current symptoms and medical history to help inform your diagnosis.  This will be followed by a physical assessment by your therapist.  This may involve undressing to allow examination of the area of your body which is affected by pain or injury.  For this reason, we ask that you wear suitable underwear or bring a vest top and shorts to change in to when attending all appointments.  

Expect thorough assessment, clear explanation & effective treatment

Following thorough assessment, your therapist will give you a clear and honest diagnosis. Your therapist will discuss the most appropriate course of treatment with you. Treatments include the use of manual or 'hands on' physiotherapy, acupuncture, exercise and advice on self-management. 
At the end of your first visit, we want you to leave feeling reassured that you clearly understand your problem and how you and your therapist are going to work together to resolve it. 

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